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What is Learning Brains?

Founded in 2012, Learning Brains is one of Bristol’s leading privately-owned educational bodies. We offer tutoring classes both in and around Bristol, UK and abroad. We deliver a unique service in that our tutoring provides personalized learning, encourages self-assessment and is invested in extracurricular learning. We currently have 6 Bristol locations and have 5 years’ experience in tutoring students between the ages of 6 and 16.


We have a host of expert tutors from all backgrounds and disciplines available to help students prepare for their SATs, GCSEs, A-Levels, and IELTS. Our tutoring is not designed simply to enable students to ‘pass’ examinations, but instead, increase their reading and writing proficiency, numerical skills and general subject knowledge. We ensure that all of our activities engage students in key areas of learning so that students become genuinely skilled in their fields of study.


In order to ensure that students achieve to the best of their abilities, we work closely with schools, educational psychologists and local educational authorities. We are recommended by many professionals, both in schools and in the wider Bristolian community, for students wishing to pass upcoming examinations or require advancement in literacy and numeracy. Our expertise and methods of teaching have proven to bring success to students, both inside and outside of the classroom.


What we teach

We offer tutoring in many subjects, including English, Science and Maths, at all levels. We ensure our classes are closely linked to the national curriculum and aim to sharpen the skillset students will be assessed on, later on in school. Our tutors provide up-to-date and relevant tutoring that is tailored to each students’ individual needs.


We also provide a range of courses aimed specifically at SATs, GCSEs, A-Levels and IELTS that will increase the student’s subject knowledge, and also increase student’s confidence levels.


If you would like to learn more about the Learning Brains Teaching Centres and contact us for a free trial lesson, please click here for more information.


Learning Brains ‘Teaching Ethos’

Our ‘Teaching Ethos’ is based on a cyclical support system that involves both the student and the parent in the student’s extracurricular learning process. We strongly believe that with the help of individualised lessons and regular, confidence-building feedback, we can help students achieve both short-term aims and long-term academic goals.


Our Method of Teaching

Our method of teaching is designed to support students’ in-school learning. Over the years, we have developed our very own ‘Teaching Ethos,’ one which encourages parents to be actively involved in the learning of their children, so that students can thrive academically and achieve their learning goals. We strongly believe that the combined support of parents and Learning Brains’ friendly and experienced tutors, every student has the potential to excel.


Personalized and Individualised Lessons

Our Teaching Ethos also ensures that we provide differentiated and continual support for each student’s unique needs. We provide academic activities for students of all capabilities, and measure students’ progress through individualised lessons and feedback. Our aim is to start small and build up to those academic challenges faced by every student – building their confidence along the way. We use varied methods and animated tutors to create enthusiasm for learning and motivation for students to progress to the best of their ability. We encourage independent work, so that the students can identify for themselves any particular problem areas. If and when these arise, we have a team of specialised tutors on-hand to help.


Student’s Engagement

We aim to build students’ confidence as well as critical thinking skills, problem-solving and logic. In order to do this, we must understand each student as an individual learner. After an initial assessment, your child will receive one-to-one and group support to help them progress in any area of weakness and excel in any area of strength. As well as monitoring progress through regular marking and feedback, we encourage students to monitor their own progress. We have seen many students develop great confidence and a sense of responsibility through this method of student engagement, resulting in well-rounded students with confidence and self-assurance.


Regular Assessments

All students undergo an initial assessment before being admitted to tutoring classes at Learning Brains. This means that from the get-go we understand the needs of each of our students. Once the initial assessment has occurred, we can look at how it is best to help that student to progress from their starting point and start to set realistic learning aims and long-term goals. Following this, students then receive further assessments at intervals throughout the year to formally monitor progress – not only of the student, but also of the efficiency of Learning Brains as a learning institution.


Constant Feedback

Our Teaching Ethos stresses the importance of the communication between students, parents and Learning Brains for success. Learning Brains tutors provide continual verbal feedback to students regarding their progress and goals, as well as written feedback that is available for parents to view. Not only this, but parents are encouraged to come and discuss their child’s progress with Learning Brains tutors, so that each child can develop skills that will help them both inside and outside of school.